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Friday, September 19, 2014
Department Contact Information List

Accounting & Finance

Township Accounting and Finances
(586) 286-9353

Donna Lauretti, Finance Director

Mary Hein, Assistant Finance Director


Property Assessments and Exemptions
(586) 286-9468
Jim Elrod, Assessor



Permits and Inspections, Ordinance Enforcement
(586) 286-9323

Mike Gentry, Superintendent
Barry Miller, Assistant Superintendent


Cable TV and Communications

Community Access Programming
Comcast, Channel 5 / WOW, Channel 10

(586) 286-9316

Linda Badamo, Director

Joseph Peruzzi, Assistant Director

Civil Service

(586) 286-9342

Lisa Murray, Personnel Director


Voting, Absentee Ballots, Voter Registration
(586) 286-9420


Emergency Management

Emergency Preparedness
(586) 723-8069

Paul S. Brouwer, Coordinator


Civil Engineering, Reviews 
(586) 286-9387

Mary Bednar, P.E., Township Engineer


Fire - Rescue – EMS

911 Services, Fire and Emergency
(586) 263-8437

Jack Shea, Chief

Michael Phy, Deputy Chief

Gerald Matese, Training Chief

Ronald Young, Fire Marshal

Tom Stuck, EMS Officer


Housing Commission

Low Income Housing
(586) 791-7000

, Director


Human Resources

Labor Negotiations, Employee Relations
(586) 286-9341

Bill Smith, Director


Information Technology

Computer Technology Migration Plan, Support, Web Services
(586) 286-9434

Paul J. Pointer, Network Analyst

Valerie Kesler, Communications Specialist

Shae Tomkiewicz, Communications Specialist


Parks and Recreation

Recreation Programs, Special Events
(586) 286-9336

Linda Walter, Director

Frank Pizzo, Assistant Director


Planning and Community Development

Municipal Planning, Zoning, Grants
(586) 286-9325

Carlo Santia, Director

Joe Silbernagel, Assistant Director



911 Services, Law Enforcement, Public Safety
(586) 493-7800

Fred Posavetz, Chief


Public Works

Rear Yard Drainage, Trash Pick-Up, Recycling
(586) 286-9465

Mary Bednar, Public Services Director

Brian Girard, Assistant Superintendent


Senior Citizens

Senior Activities
(586) 286-9333

Matthew Makowski, Director
Debbie McClellan, Assistant Director


Township Clerk

Law and Ordinances, Licenses and Regulations, Voting
(586) 286-9422

Kim Meltzer, Clerk

Kimberly Irvine, Deputy Clerk


Township Supervisor

Township Administration
(586) 286-8000 Ext. 8093

Robert J. Cannon, Supervisor

Elizabeth Vogel, Asst. to the Supervisor


Township Treasurer

Tax Information
(586) 286-9313

William J. Sowerby, Treasurer

Cynthia Melitz, Deputy Treasurer


Township Trustees / Administrative Aide

Policy and Legislative Responsibilities
(586) 286-9366

Paul Gieleghem, Trustee

Kenneth Pearl, Trustee

Dean Reynolds, Trustee

Jenifer “Joie” West, Trustee

Mary Ann Hosey, Administrative Aide

Jessica Holden, Office Clerk II


Water and Sewer

Water Supply; Sewage Services
(586) 286-9300
After Hours / Emergencies: (586) 493-7900

Mary Bednar, Public Services Director

Joe Tresick, Assistant Superintendent


General Number

General Number
(586) 286-8000

Hours of Operation
am - 4:30 pm
Monday — Friday

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