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Friday, September 19, 2014
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Mandatory Water Irrigation Rules


Water Quality Report 2014

What Should I Do When My Sewer Is Backing Up? - Friday, April 21, 2006

Call the Water and Sewer Department at one of the following numbers.

~ Water & Sewer Department Charter Township of Clinton Main Office
(586) 286-9300  -  8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Weekdays

~ Shook Road Maintenance Facility
(586) 791-1766  -  7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Weekdays

~ After Hours Emergency Number
(586) 469-5502  After Hours & Holidays

A representative of the Water and Sewer Department will respond as soon as possible by visiting the site to determine if the problem is the responsibility of the township or the user.  After business hours, the Water and Sewer Department has an on-call dutyman to maintain 24-hour coverage with no service fee.  ALL WATER AND SEWER DEPARTMENT EMPLOYEES CARRY PICTURE IDENTIFICATION.

Sump Pump Advisory

Water operated sump pumps are installed to work when the electric sump pump fails. There are many brands available in stores, and they all must meet Cross Connection Rules as prescribed by State and Federal Regulations.

In order to protect drinking water from possible contamination each installation must have a Reduced Pressure Principle Backflow Preventer at the water feed to the back-up system.

There are many Backflow Preventers and each has a specific application dependent on use and hazard. The Reduced Pressure Principle Backflow Preventer meeting the American Society of Sanitary Engineering Standard 1013 (A.S.S.E. 1013) will protect the drinking water supply from possible contaminates associated with sump pump systems which could include bacteria, insects or chemicals.

Should you have any questions regarding this matter or have any doubts concerning your systems installation or Backflow protection, please call the Cross Connection Inspector at (586) 286-9300.

After Hours Drop Box

The Township Treasurer, Clerk, and Water & Sewer Department's, are offering the convenience to the residents and businesses of an after hours drop box. This drop box is placed directly in front of the center administration building front doorway entrance at the Civic Center Complex at 40700 Romeo Plank Road. This will provide an after hours method of delivering tax payments, water bill payments, and absentee ballots for the township run elections.

Please label your correspondence clearly so the information is delivered to the proper office.


If the Water and Sewer Department has had to dig out front of your home or business. We regret any mess or inconvenience this may have caused.

Restoration of this area will be scheduled once the excavation has dried out and proper compaction can be attempted.

Concrete, asphalt and landscape excavation repairs are scheduled on an area by area basis. Once in a neighborhood any excavations dry enough will be attempted.

Clean-up involving concrete, asphalt and landscaping of excavations made in the late fall, during the winter and early spring will begin once load limit restrictions are lifted by Macomb County. This may vary due to weather conditions year to year.

Every reasonable attempt will be made to restore excavated areas to the conditions that existed prior to digging. Any concrete, asphalt or landscaping damaged will be restored. Maintained grassy areas will be sodded with Class "A" sod. Un-maintained areas will be leveled, top soil laid down and covered with grass seed.

Once an area has been sodded; watering and maintenance of this area until the sod takes root will be your responsibility. If you do not wish to have sod laid down please inform this Department in writing. This area will then be graded, top soil and seed laid down instead.

If you have any questions about landscape repairs please contact the Shook Road Maintenance Facility at (586) 791-1766 between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. daily excepting holidays.

After Hours / Emergencies:
(586) 469-5502

Phone: (586) 286-9300
FAX: (586) 286-9390

  • Mary Bednar, Public Services Director
  • Joseph Tresick, Assistant Superintendent
  • Lisa T. Supanich, Office Manager
  • Marylu McQuade, Assistant Office Manager
  • Rich Amormino, Syst. Control/Motor Pool Supv.
  • Ken Sobczak, Maintenance Foreman
  • Danny Doyle, Meter Supv./Chief Insp. 
  • Forrest Ferrell, Asst. Maintenance Foreman 
  • Chad Walker, Cross Connection Inspector
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