Emergency Management
Emergency Preparedness
Tuesday, October 13, 2015
Mission Statement

The Charter Township of Clinton, Office of Emergency Management, is dedicated to the reduction in loss of life and property damage. This will be accomplished through the process of mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery, due to natural and manmade disasters and by the education of our residents and businesses on how to better prepare for these events.

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To drop off your hazardous materials, please call the Macomb County Health Department to make an appointment at (586) 469-5236.
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Emergency Management

The Charter Township of Clinton, Office of Emergency Management was created in March of 1991 by action of the township board for the purpose of writing, completing, updating, and managing a disaster response plan for the township. The plan was to be an all hazards plan that would guide the various departments within the township in their response to natural or manmade events. The plan was to be written and presented to the township board within ten (10) months. During this time a vehicle was to be set up for future exercising of the plan, improvements in response capabilities of various departments, and to seek federal funding of the program.

The plan was written within the time specified, presented to the board, and adopted. The plan has been re-written or updated twice since that time as valuable experience was gained through exercising and actual events. The plan was reviewed again during 1998 with completion by September of 1999.

The purpose of the Emergency Operations Plan is to better prepare our departments to respond to these major events. This is accomplished through preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation of known and unknown hazards that will face our community.

We certainly invite both businesses and residents alike to join us in our efforts to prepare our community for a speedy recovery from these potentially catastrophic events. Please call the Office of Emergency Management at (586) 723-8069 for informative booklets on how to make your world a little safer.

-Paul S. Brouwer, Coordinator

Phone: (586) 723-8069
FAX: (586) 286-9343

  • Paul S. Brouwer, Coordinator
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