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Wednesday, April 16, 2014
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Building Permits
Building permit applications can be obtained at the Building Department or downloaded from our website. Applications are reviewed and either approved or denied, based on the information submitted. The contractor/owner will be notified by phone once approved or by letter if denied.
A non-refundable plan examination fee in the amount of $100.00 is required for all new residential homes and commercial/industrial projects when submittted.  We accept cash or checks made out to the "Clinton Township Treasurer." **Please note:  we no longer require the form called "Application for Plan Examination."
Permit requests for all minor residential projects (see typical list below) must be accompanied by: an application, two (2) sets of drawings with wall section indicating proposed construction, and two (2) copies of a plot plan/mortgage survey showing all structures on the property as well as the proposed project location.
Typical minor residential projects:
Basement egress windows
Basement finishing/remodeling
Basement waterproofing
Flag poles
Garage or basement floor replacement
Hot tubs/Swimming pools
Patios with footings
Windows (if size changes)
Required Submittals for Plan Review
Submit completed application, $100.00  plan examination fee, and two (2) sets (for residential) or five (5) sets (for commercial/industrial)  of plans  and/or specifications with original seals and signatures in accordance with 1980 PA 299.  Fire suppression shop drawings and computations shall be submitted to the Fire Department located on 42601 Romeo Plank Road.
Building Code:  Site plan, foundation plan, soil bearing capacity, floor plans, building elevations, building sections, fire walls, separation walls with UL number, etc., framing plans, details, roof plan, roof finish schedule, door schedule, roof live and dead loads.
Electrical Code:  Plans for all electrical systems using more than six (6) circuits, excepting one and two family dwellings shall include lighting layout, circuiting, switching, conductor and raceway sizes, wattage schedule, service location and riser diagram, load calculations, appropriate plans showing standard symbols of all electrical equipment.
Mechanical Code:  Plans indicating heating equipment, air conditioning equipment, ductwork sizes, material and layout, fire dampers, ventilation of rooms and areas, location of chimneys and vents, piping layouts.
Plumbing Code:  Site plan, floor plans riser diagrams and water distribution system and roof plan.  Show direction of flow, pipe sizes, grade of horizontal piping, elevations, drainage fixture unit loading of stacks and drains in the DWV system, supply fixture unit load for the water system, branch supplies serving more than one plumbing fixture, appliance or hose outlet.
Energy Code:  Floor plans, building sections, details, average annual degree days, exterior envelope component materials, "U" values of elements, "R" values of insulation materials, size and type of apparatus and equipment, energy calculations.
License Verification

If you are considering having work done by a contractor, make sure they are properly licensed and insured for the work being done. Licenses can be verified through the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, Bureau of Construction Codes, at or at the following phone numbers. It is always a good idea to get three quotes with references.


Building: (517) 241-9317

Electrical: (517) 241-9320

Mechanical: (517) 241-9325

Plumbing: (517) 241-9330 

  • Michael Gentry, Superintendent
  • Barry Miller, Asst. Superintendent
  • Terry Stopczy, Office Manager


Phone: (586) 286-9323

24-hour Inspection Line:  (586) 286-9320

Fax: (586) 286-9484

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