Tuesday, September 02, 2014
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2014 Canvass

2014 Canvass

What: The Clinton Township canvassers physically visit each property in the Township to take photos and outside measurements of structures and land improvements in order to verify/update records.

When: May-August 2014 (the canvass started in 2012 and should finish in 2016)

Where: All property in the Township (2014 canvass will focus on residential, including single family homes and condos)

Who: There are three teams of two people. They are Clinton Township employees and will be driving Township vehicles and have Township ID badges. They report to the Assessing Department

Why: The State Tax Commission (STC) performs an audit of assessing requirements on various local units of government each year. One of the requirements is 90% accuracy of record cards (the detailed description of your property including square footages of the buildings, porches, deck, etc). To ensure accuracy, the STC recommends a township annually canvass 20% of its property.

Please note:

  • The canvass team does NOT need to enter your home and will not ask questions regarding the inside of your home
  • If there is no access or they are denied access to your property, the canvassers will leave the property
  • Any improvements (deck, patio, etc) discovered will be added to your assessment. Likewise, any improvements on the record card that are no longer on the property will be removed from your assessment.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call the Assessing Department at 586-286-9468


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Property/Tax Data: Use this link to search for information on individual properties in Clinton Township, Comparable Sales Analysis, Current Tax Information, Property Sketches and Photos.

Condo Information: Use this link to look up Number of Units, Approximate Acreage, Number of Phases, Sub Plan Number, Condo Type, and whether or not the condos were converted from apartments.  To view condo sketches, it may be necessary to come into the Assessing Department to view the Master Deed.

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Is your home about to be Foreclosed on?  Do you understand all of the options that you have?  MSU Extension’s site can provide you with many useful tools in understanding all of your options during the foreclosure process.  It is very important that you contact MSU Extension to learn about all of these options.  They can be contacted through their website (select housing on the left side of the screen) or contact them by telephone at (586) 469-6430.

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Are you a new homeowner in Clinton Township?  Be sure you have filled out the applicable forms below.  Please note, a penalty charge may apply for a late-filed Property Transfer Affidavit (past 45 days after transfer of ownership).


You may have received these forms at closing and it is the buyer's responsibility to file the forms with the Assessing Department.  The buyer usually files a Property Transfer Affidavit and Principal Residence Exemption forms (only if the residential home is their primary residence, nationwide).  The seller usually files a Request to Rescind Principal Residence Exemption (if the property was their principal residence). 


Property Transfer Affidavit 


Principal Residence Exemption

Request to Rescind Principal Residence Exemption

Conditional Rescission of Principal Residence Exemption



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 TitleCategoryModified DateSize 
Land Division ApplicationApplication3/18/2014181.31 KBDownload
Land Combination ApplicationApplication3/18/2014176.69 KBDownload
Poverty Application 1/28/2014219.68 KBDownload
Name & Address Change Form 2/13/201326.29 KBDownload
Individual Address ApplicationApplication7/7/200838.99 KBDownload
Assessing Department Information Request Form 7/27/200937.37 KBDownload
2013 Personal Property StatementStatement1/29/2013280.34 KBDownload
Condominium Information 2/13/201346.66 KBDownload
Condo/Sub Address ApplicationApplication2/13/201365.36 KBDownload




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